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FBAforward Blog - Canton Fair, China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou China (Credit: tarotastic)

Prepare for the Canton Fair

If you are planning on attending the Canton Fair, it is a good idea to strategize well in advance. Traveling to mainland China requires patience and a lot of planning. One thing you can’t do is wing it. The best way to take on the Canton Fair is to know what is needed and book everything as far beforehand as possible. If you don’t know what the Canton Fair is or are unsure of whether you should go, check out [...]

The Canton Fair

What is the Canton Fair? The Canton Fair, or the China Import and Export Fair, is one of the world’s largest trade shows and serves as a venue where businesses can directly find and meet with prospective suppliers for their products. When the Canton Fair comes to Guangzhou, China twice every year, hotel prices rise, the streets are more crowded, and some of China’s leading manufacturers come to town. (more…)

What to know before starting your FBA business, girl holding boxes to send to Amazon

3 Things to Know Before Starting Your FBA Business

What does "FBA" mean? Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) might as well mean "send your product to Amazon." When using Amazon's FBA services, you send your products to an Amazon fulfillment center and once received, they will add it to their inventory. Once a customer places an order, Amazon will package it, send it to the customer, and send you the revenue once every two weeks. If the customer has any questions, or concerns during almost any part of the process, [...]