Amazon FBA Prep

Amazon Fulfillment Requirements

Amazon has strict requirements for inventory being sent to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. The requirements vary depending on the product and if they are sold as a set or single items. Amazon is known for rejecting or charging exorbitant fees for damaged and non FBA compliant shipments that are delivered to their fulfillment center. The FBAforward team is trained to spot issues and fix them before they arrive at Amazon. Avoid costly returns and unplanned prep fess by preparing your shipments prior to forwarding it to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

View our compliance guide for more details about how to make your shipment Amazon compliant before it arrives in the US.

Product Prep

Amazon has strict requirements for shipments being delivered to their fulfillment centers. The FBA requirements include restrictions such as limited items per carton, carton dimensions and weight, palletizing and labeling requirements.  If the shipment does not meet the requirements Amazon will charge hefty fees for unplanned prep.

Our Services

FBAforward offers FBA prep services that ensure FBA-compliant shipments are ready to forward to Amazon’s fulfillment center. Our prep team is rigorously trained and practiced in FNSKU labeling, bundling, poly bagging, and all other Amazon prep requirements.