Chinese Inspection

Pre-Inspection and Factory Audit

A Chinese inspection ensures the quality and authenticity of goods at prospective suppliers and factories. Performing an inspection eliminates the uncertainty associated with ordering products and inventory from a foreign country and a manufacturing company that you may not trust yet. A Chinese inspection also decreases the risk of receiving damaged or poor quality goods.

Various issues and legal requirements in China can result in uncertainty with your deposits and goods. For example, there are pollution restrictions in China that manufacturers are constantly trying to work around and when caught they will be shut down and your order will be destroyed or unreachable. Also, manufacturers who are close to bankruptcy or are in legal trouble in China still have their service listing online and electing that manufacturer could have expensive implications.

Inspection in China

Through the pre-inspection service, products will be inspected at random according to your standards and a thorough inspection report with photographs will be sent for your review.

We can also perform a factory audit to verify the quality of your chosen factory. During this process, we confirm the safety and quality standards of the factory and observe the overall quality of the factory’s products, including the products you plan to order.

Our Services

FBAforward has a team in China who are expects in product and factory inspections. They send a full report off all the products of your choosing and factory safety and quality.