Customs Duty Calculator

U.S. Customs Duties

Customs duties are import taxes charged by the U.S. government on all products imported for resale.  There is a common misconception that goods under $2,500 are not charged import duties.  While shipments valued less than $2,500 are sometimes eligible for “informal customs entry” they are always subject to duty, and the duty rate on your product should be checked during the product research phase.

Use the calculator below to determine the amount of customs duty on your product.  Once you find the correct classification for your product, multiple the total amount on your commercial invoice (excluding shipping, if applicable) by the duty rate for your product.  This will give you the amount of customs duty you will pay.

Example: If you buy 1,000 yoga mats for $5 each from your manufacturer your commercial invoice amount will be $5,000.  The duty rate on yoga mats is 4.6%, so customs duties will be assessed at $230 ($5,000 x 4.6%).

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