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FBAforward Expands its Warehouse Operations | FBAforward

FBAforward Expands its Warehouse Operations

FBAforward Expands its Warehouse Operations

FBAforward has officially moved warehouse operations to a nearby warehouse, which more than doubles the warehouse space at the previous location. This new, larger location will allow us to provide our customers with a few things:

  1. Faster cross docking
  2. A more sophisticated inventory management system
  3. Larger 3rd party ecommerce fulfillment capabilities
  4. Increased space for long-term storage


9051 Siempre Viva Rd
Suite A-F
San Diego, CA 92154

For all orders in which you do not require FBAforward to handle shipping or customs, please ship your goods to this new warehouse. All shipments that are going to our old address will be taken care of.

Faster Cross Docking

With more space comes an optimized warehouse layout that makes FBAforward’s operations much cleaner. The additional docks that the larger warehouse has afforded our company mean that we can deconsolidate¬†containers and large shipments faster than ever before. By relying on a logistics company that runs its own warehouse, you reduce errors, slow lead times, and expensive, non-transparent fees you often find with logistics companies that outsource their warehouse capabilities.

Improved Inventory Management

While we pride ourselves in our extremely efficient processes, we are implementing an even more sophisticated and technology-forward inventory management system that is aimed at increasing warehouse productivity and, ultimately, decreasing lead times. This means that your goods will get prepped, shipped out the door to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and/or stored within our expansive racking system in record time.

3rd Party Ecommerce Fulfillment

FBAforward conducted a soft launch of 3rd party fulfillment several months ago and will be able to take on new customers shortly with the move to this larger space. With updated software and the new, expansive space, we are even more capable of providing your customers with quick and efficient order fulfillment. Details to follow soon.

Long-Term Storage

FBAforward has always been able to operate out of a smaller space than traditional 3PLs and other prep companies because of our efficient processes. Alternatively, with Amazon increasing storage fees, we wanted to be able to provide our customers with competitive long-term FBA storage rates. At just $15 /pallet per month, you can slowly feed inventory to Amazon on an as-needed basis while still being able to have the same Amazon compliance and fast turn-around time that you have come to know and love.

Whether you choose to utilize FBAforward’s full-service logistics, just warehouse services, or you choose to store your goods with us, know that this improved warehouse allows us to be even more capable of handling all of your needs.

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