Forwarding Methods

Forwarding entails domestic shipping from FBAforward’s warehouse to Amazon’s fulfillment centers across the US. Amazon has partnered with several forwarders, which means that you get the lowest rates available when transporting goods to Amazon’s warehouses. The two different methods for forwarding to Amazon are, Less Then Truck Load (LTL) and Small Parcel Delivery (SPD). The forwarding method that is optimal for you depends on the size of your shipment, inventory need and budget.

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Small Parcel Forwarding

Small Parcel Delivery is the transportation of smaller shipments to Amazons Fulfillment Center through UPS and FedEx.
Higher price range for larger, long distance shipments
Faster transit time
Ranges from 2- 5 days depending on the fulfillment center
Typically gets checked into fulfillment centers faster than LTL

LTL Forwarding

Less Truck Load shipments entail consolidating several shipment with the same destination on one truck. This method is much more affordable but the transit time is dependent on the fulfillment center location and the availability of trucking companies to take pick-up appointments.
Most affordable for larger, heavier shipments
Longer transit time
Transit and check in time range from 5 days to 2 weeks
Typically takes longer to get checked in at fulfillment centers, especially during peak seasons, like Prime Day and the holidays.

Our Services

FBAforward offers services throughout your entire supply chain. We offer quick, detail-oriented turnaround on shipments that arrive at our warehouse. Ready to have your inventory delivered to Amazons fulfillment center?