Freight Forwarding

The Shipping Process from International Supplier to the U.S.

The shipping process from China to the U.S. includes several stops and third-party handlers. Once the inventory has been purchased from a supplier, the shipping process begins. First, transport the FBA shipment to the nearest port. The two terms of sale most often selected between you and your supplier are Freight on Board (FOB) and Ex Works (EXW). FOB means that the supplier has included transportation in the contract and will organize shipment delivery to the port. If not, a third-party transportation company needs to be hired to pick up the products from the supplier and deliver the goods to port of departure (EXW).

At the port, a freight forwarder is required to transport the inventory to the destination country (in this case, the U.S). There are three different freight forwarding methods: Air Freight, Air Express, and Ocean (or Sea) Freight.

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Ocean Freight

Ocean, or sea, freight is the most affordable option and has a transit time of about 2 to 4 weeks on the water. Freight forwarders base their cost of transportation on the shipment’s volume, so it is recommended that shipments with large and/or heavy goods use sea freight. With a longer transit time than air freight and air express, we suggest planning ahead to make sure your shipment arrive by need. You are See here for customs process for sea freight shipments.
* Most affordable
* 2 to 4 week transit time
* Customs and domestic transportation are required

Air Freight

Air freight is the second most affordable freight forwarding option. Air freight transit time is about 4 to 14 days and the price is based on the volumetric weight or actual weight of the cargo, whichever costs more. Air freight will transport the cargo from airport to airport and will require customs and domestic transportation at destination, see here for customs process for Air Freight.
* Second most affordable rate
* 4 to 14 Days transit time
* Requires customs clearance and domestic transportation

Air Express

Air express is the fastest method of shipping, but is also most expensive. The transit time ranges from 2 to 7 days. The price is based on the volumetric weight or actual weight of the cargo, whatever costs more. Air express includes the transportation of the cargo from door to door, including pickup at supplier, air freight, domestic transportation and customs clearance.
* Typically highest rate
* 2 to 7 days transit
* Does include customs clearance by the carrier, and domestic transportation to final destination.

Our Services

FBAforward recognizes the struggle of handling and arranging the shipping process and have created services that handle the entire process for you.