How Our Process Works

Not sure how to ship your products? Try our Turnkey Service.

When you buy our Turnkey Service we take care of every last detail, so you can spend your valuable time growing your business, not worrying about logistics. We have explained the process in the 4 easy steps below.

Complete list of our services and prices

If you want to read more about all our services and get specific prices, you can get a full overview in our product catalog. Please note, all services can be purchased individually or as part of a package.

I think FBAforward is great. I’ve been able to create more time for myself as well as my employees so we can focus on new product ideas promotions and so forth by letting FBAforward handle our fulfillment.

LarryIdroid LLC

Turnkey Service FAQ

The Turnkey Service is our “hands off” approach to Amazon Logistics. It costs $299 and includes:

  • Arrangement of shipping from China
  • Assistance clearing customs
  • Arrangement of port pick-up and delivery to FBAforward’s warehouse
  • Our Amazon Account Manager service

Please note the Turnkey Services does not include:

  • Cost of shipping
  • Customs duties
  • Customs brokerage fees
  • Port or terminal fees
  • Cost of delivery from the port to FBAforward’s warehouse
  • Cost of final delivery via UPS or LTL to Amazon’s fulfillment centers

The majority of these fees will be estimated for you in a quote once your order is placed. The fees will be due in two separate invoices: a shipping invoice once the vessel is on the water and a final invoice before your goods get released from our warehouse to Amazon’s FCs.

It’s included in the Turnkey Service. Once your order is placed, we will send you an email with instructions on how to provide us with limited permissions to your Amazon Seller Central account. When your goods arrive, we will take care of creating the shipment in Seller Central, printing the labels, and releasing the goods to UPS or an LTL carrier for you. We can also go into your account to print and place FNSKU labels on your products for an additional prep fee.

Yes. To import goods to the US and sell on Amazon, you need an EIN. We have created a short guide on how to get one if you are outside the US.

Yes, we offer shipping from various ports in Asia and are continually expanding our list! We have shipping partners in China, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Japan, S. Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, and more. Please email if the country you are shipping from is not on the list.

No we have that covered. We will work with your supplier to acquire most documents necessary to clear customs. For sea shipments, we just require a commercial invoice and packing list. Our customs broker will file all necessary documents throughout the import process and arrange a pickup at the port of Long Beach.

Once your shipment is close to being finished manufactured (typically 1-2 weeks out), we get in contact with your supplier directly to arrange the shipping details.

Yes, and your deposit will be refunded.

When you place an order you pay a deposit. The amount is the full price of FBAforward’s service (the Turnkey service + any optional prep, inspect, or forwarding services). Please note that this deposit does not include the cost of shipping, customs duties, customs brokerage fees, port fees, delivery from the port to FBAforward’s warehouse, or final delivery to Amazon.

Usually our quotes are very close to our estimates, but due to slight variations in shipping prices, port/terminal fees, demand, total billable weight, and other costs, we can’t give exact prices before the order is placed.

Sea freight is usually the cheapest way to ship goods from China to the U.S., with savings of up to 90% on certain products. Sea freight is charged by volume rather than by weight as air shipping is, so heavier items have the highest cost savings.