Pricing Table

Logistics Support

TurnKey Order Solution
When you use the TurnKey solution, our shipping agents in China will contact your supplier directly, arrange shipping from China. We will work with the customs broker directly to file all necessary documents throughout the import process, arrange a pickup at the port of Long Beach once the goods have cleared customs, process and prep your shipment according to FBA standards, and send it on to Amazon. We take care of every last detail, so you can spend your valuable time growing your business, not worrying about logistics.

This support service fee does not include the costs of shipping, customs, port fees, or freight-forwarding from Long Beach.

International Customs Support
We have a licensed customs broker to help find you an affordable U.S. customs solution to reduce your cost per unit.

This support service fee does not include the costs of shipping, customs, port fees, or freight-forwarding.


Minimum total order amount: $300.00

Pre-Shipment Services

Factory Audit
We have been offering pre-shipment inspections for some time now, and have had a great response from everyone that has been able to work with our inspection team in China. We’re now expanding operations there to include factory audits as well!

Everyone has heard about all scammers on Alibaba posing as real companies, only to disappear once they receive your deposit. Our factory audit team will go to the factory, verify safety and quality standards, and view the production of the product you’re about to order, all before you ever place your initial deposit. We know that first wire transfer can be scary, so let our team ease your mind. These services start at $299.
Pre-Shipment Inspection
Inspecting your products in China reduces the risk of receiving subpar goods from your supplier and ensure quality is upheld to protect your brand. We offer pre-inspection of your products in China, which is completed before you make your final payment to your supplier and your products get shipped to the U.S.

A random inspection is completed in accordance with a set of standards set forth by both you and your supplier. A comprehensive report is then emailed to you. Results include a score of “pass,” “reject,” or “pending,” with detailed comments and photographs as to why the sample of products received these scores.

Pre-shipment inspections are charged at a retail price of $399 for one man-day, and $250 per each day after. The majority of inspections typically only last for one day.

Minimum total order amount: $300.00

Prep and Inspection Services

Carton - Receive & Forward (Required on all orders)
FBAforward receives your shipment and provides a quick case packaging inspection, including case counts, weights, and dimensions of your outgoing shipment. We then apply your shipping labels, load your shipment to depart from our preparation center, and provide outgoing-confirmation correspondence in regards to your Amazon-bound shipment.

Receive & Forward does not include opening your cases for individual unit inspection. When whole containers are received, you will be given a discount of $3.50/carton. Additional fees may apply if units per case are not provided by you or your supplier.

Container - Receive and Unload (Required on all containers)

FBAforward receives your full container at our warehouse and unloads all cartons.

Note that when you ship whole containers, you receive a 30% discount ($3.50) on carton inspection and forwarding

$350/20' container
$600/>20' container
Open Package Product Inspection
If your product has multiple items within the packaging, we have a great inspection service for you! We’ll carefully open and inspect the inside of the packaging of each unit to confirm your product matches what you ordered from your supplier.

$0.60/unit covers an inspection of up to 3 interior items. Additional fee of $0.10/item inspected beyond 3.

Product Testing Inspection
Our highest level of inspection! We’ll test every one of your products to make sure they are in good working condition prior to reaching Amazon.

Per unit fee is assessed on a case-by-case basis, starting at $1/unit. The per unit cost covers an inspection of up to 3 interior items. Additional fees may be applied to inspect beyond 3.

from $1.00/unit
FBAforward provides a quick pallet inspection to determine if pallets are in compliance with Amazon's standards, labels your cartons, wraps your pallets, applies shipping labels, schedules your LTL shipment, loads your shipment into the LTL receiving carrier to depart from our preparation center, and provides all correspondence in regards to your shipment. We work with each individual order to ensure your products meet the specifications your manufacturer and shipper have documented.

Receive & Forward required for all orders. Purchase of Amazon Account Manager required for all LTL shipments. Cost of pallet not included ($15 for each new pallet required).

$15.00/pallet palletized
If your shipment does not arrive on Amazon-approved pallets and you would like to ship LTL, we will provide the appropriate pallets.
FNSKU Labeling
Each unit you send to Amazon for fulfillment needs a unique scannable barcode to enable storage at a fulfillment center. If you have barcode on a unit that is not unique (for example, if you have the same barcode for an product that comes in many colors or sizes) you need to apply a unique FNSKU label printed from your Seller Central account.

Amazon account access must be made available to our processing team prior to your items arriving at our warehouse

We will perform open package product inspection on each unit while inserting a marketing insert, additional product into the box your unit came in, or more.

Cost of insert printing not included in price.

If you'd like, we can work closely with a local printer and to get great rates for your inserts. Reach out to our support team with a pdf of the print and we will get you a price quote.

Poly Bags for a Single Item
Amazon requires poly bags for certain items. We’ll help to make sure your products comply.

See bundle pricing below if you have multiple units and contact us for a quote if you have oversize items that need to be bagged.

Poly Bags and Bundling for Multiple Items
Amazon requires poly bags for certain items. We’ll help to make sure your products comply.

Contact us for a quote if you have oversize items that need to be bagged. Bundling of first 2 items included in price; $0.10/additional item added to bundle (example: bundling and poly-bagging of 4 items into 1 poly bag would cost $1/bundle = $0.80 + $0.10 + $0.10).

Suffocation Labeling
Each poly bagged unit you send to Amazon for fulfillment must meet the following requirement: Poly bags with a 5″ opening or larger (measured when flat) are required to have a suffocation warning, either printed on the bag itself, or attached as a label.

If your item has a poly bag with an opening greater than 5", a suffocation label will be added to comply with Amazon's requirements.

‘This is a Set. Do Not Separate’ Labeling
Units that are sets must be marked as sets on their packaging. We’ll add a label to the Unit that states: “This is a set. Do not separate.”

Receive and Process required for all orders. Bundling costs not included with purchase of label.

Re-packaging (Per Unit)

We will remove your products from their current packaging, if any, and insert them into new boxes or packaging that you provide.
Re-boxing (Per Carton)

If your cartons are received at our warehouse damaged or over-sized, we will put all of your units into new master cartons. You will be notified once your product arrives at our warehouse if your products require re-boxing.

This service is required if we notice any cartons are too damaged or over-sized to ensure compliance with Amazon's FBA receiving standards.

Amazon Account Manager
We offer an account manager service, where you create a user account for us through Seller Central that only has privileges to create shipments and shipping labels. When your goods arrive, we will take care of creating the shipment in Seller Central, printing the labels, and releasing the goods to UPS or an LTL carrier for you. The $50 fee is a one time setup fee, and is included free in TurnKey orders.

Required for all shipments.


Minimum total order amount: $300.00

Inventory Storage

Inventory Storage
We can now store excess inventory for you, and do it at a comparable rate to Amazon! Whether you don’t have a high enough storage limit on your Amazon account yet, or you just want to store a portion of your inventory with us and having us send it in as you request, we can help you save time.

Cost is per cubic foot per month stored. Please note that prices can change due to seasonal supply and demand. Items subject to additional unplanned storage charges ($0.05 per cubic foot per day) if the goods are held due to issues that need to be resolved on the customer's end.
$0.40/cubic foot per month (first 3 months)
$0.50/cubic foot per month (after first 3 months)
Q4 Inventory Storage
During the months of October, November, and December, our storage costs will be $80 per pallet per month. In comparison, Amazon's holiday storage rates can reach as high as $188 per pallet per month during Q4 for FBA merchants.

Cost is per pallet per month stored. Any partial pallet will equate to one full pallet. Each pallet can fit a maximum of 80 cubic feet or 2.2 cubic meters.
per month during Q4

Minimum total order amount: $300.00

Amazon Listing Services

Product Photography
Amazon-approved photos on a plain white background are $40 each. Add a prop to the photo for only $20 more per photo (props must be provided by you).

Once you place your order, our in-house photographer will reach out to you to arrange photos. When your items arrive in our warehouse to be prepped, we will set aside one sample to be photographed.

Any props need to be provided by you, otherwise a $15 pickup fee will be incurred in addition to the price of any props acquired. Images will be sent in .jpg format, unless other formats are requested. Please email with any questions or unique requests.

$40.00/standard photo
$60.00/prop or action photo
Amazon Keyword-Optimized Product Listing Copywriting
Brand new product and unsure where to start? Having trouble ranking your existing listing in the search results? Let FBAforward’s team of copywriters enhance your listing for you! For $249 we will write a keyword-optimized listing title, five descriptive bullet points, and a keyword filled product description!

Note: FBAforward will not create the listing for you in your Seller Central account. FBAforward will provide you with the keyword-optimized copy to create your own listing.
Amazon Listing Back End Keyword Stuffing and Competitor Research
Looking to rank for even more keywords? Did you know that Amazon allows another 250 characters on the back end of your listing? Did you also know that the keywords on the back end shouldn’t be duplicated on the front end of your listing? For an additional $149 we will do keyword research on all of the phrases your top competitors rank for. We’ll then take those keywords, remove the ones that you already have on the front-end, and stuff the back end with brand new keywords for you to rank for! High quality keywords = more profit!

Note: FBAforward will not input the keywords into the back end of your listing for you. FBAforward will provide you with keyword-optimized copy.