Amazon Listing Creation and Copy Writing

Amazon Listing Creation and Copy Writing

Product Description

Brand new product and unsure where to start?  Having trouble ranking your existing listing in the search results?  Let FBAforward’s team of copywriters enhance your listing for you!  For $249 we will write a keyword optimized listing title, five descriptive bullet points, and a keyword filled product description!


Looking to rank for even more keywords?  Did you know that Amazon allows another 5,000 characters on the back-end of your listing?  Did you also know that the keywords on the back-end shouldn’t be duplicated on the front end of your listing? For an additional $149 we will do keyword research on all of the phrases your top competitors rank for.  We’ll then take those keywords, remove the ones that you already have on the front-end, and stuff the back-end with brand new keywords for you to rank for!  More keywords = more profits!

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