Product Description

Amazon requires it. They’ll also charge you $0.20 a unit for it… Let us save you some money!

Each Unit you send to Amazon for fulfillment needs a unique scannable bar code to enable storage at a fulfillment center. If you have barcode on a unit that is not unique (for example, if you have the same barcode for an product that comes in many colors or sizes) you would need to apply a unique FNSKU label printed from your Seller Central account.

$ 0.15

Other types of labeling:

  • ‘This is a Set. Do Not Separate’ Labeling ($0.20)

  • Suffocation Labeling ($0.20)

Important Information

FNSKUs must be made available to our processing team prior to your items arriving at our warehouse.

If your item has a poly bag with an opening greater than 5" then a suffocation label will be added to comply with Amazon's requirements.

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