Turnkey Service

Turnkey Service

Product Description

If you are looking for a completely hands-off approach and a great way to scale your business then the TurnKey Service is for you!

When you use the TurnKey solution, our shipping agents in China will contact your supplier directly, arrange shipping from China. We will work with the customs broker directly to file all necessary documents throughout the import process, arrange a pickup at the port of Long Beach once the goods have cleared customs, process and prep your shipment according to FBA standards (additional prep and inspection or forwarding fees will apply), and send it on to Amazon. We arrange every last detail, so you can spend your valuable time growing your business, not worrying about logistics.

Learn more about how the Turnkey Service process works here.

$ 249.00

Important Information

This support service fee does not include the costs of shipping, customs, port fees, or freight-forwarding from Long Beach. Customs fees start at $250 and port fees start at $250.

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