Professional Product Photography

Optimization for Product Listing

The product photograph is an essential part of your product listing, allowing you to optimize your competitive advantage on Amazon. In the incredibly competitive market of Amazon, it is important to stand out and portray your bran in a professional manner. The majority of customers on Amazon believe that a product photograph tells them 90% of what the product is. Make sure that your product depicts what the customers will receive and avoid high bounce rates on your listing. Amazon customers should have a variety of photos to choose from and, in order to optimize sales, a professional product photograph is necessary.

Professional Photography

When hiring a product photographer, one unit will be sent to FBAforward’s in-house photographer, who will photograph and edit the images based on your requests. The product is usually depicted with a white background and can be taken at various angles. For higher-end alternatives, there is the option of adding props and/or actors on various backgrounds.

Our Services

FBAforward has a in-house professional photographer who handles our clients’ product photographs.