Amazon Listing Services

Amazon Listing Services

FBAforward offers various Amazon listing services to increase ranking, traffic, and sales revenue for your product listing on Amazon. Optimize your product listing with professional product photography, front end copywriting, and/or keyword creation and competitor research. Gain the competitive advantage needed to increase your Amazon sales.

Product Photography

Starting at $40



  • Standard Photo – $40
  • Photo with Prop – $60, Prop Not Included
  • Lifestyle Photo – Starting at $100

Amazon-approved photos on a plain white background are $40 each. Add a prop to the photo for only $20 more per photo (props must be provided by you).

Once you place your order, our in-house photographer will reach out to you to arrange photos. When your items arrive in our warehouse to be prepped, we will set aside one sample to be photographed.

Any props need to be provided by you, otherwise a $15 pickup fee will be incurred in addition to the price of any props acquired. Lifestyle photos start at $100 per photo, but may increase depending on your needs.

Images will be sent in .jpg format, unless other formats are requested. Please email with any questions or unique requests.

Front End Product Listing Copywriting



What’s Included

  • Keyword research based on similar products and/or competitors
  • Copy for:
    • Listing Title
    • 5 Bullet Points
    • Product Description

Brand new product and unsure where to start? Having trouble ranking your existing listing in the search results? Researching keywords and writing listings is a time consuming process. Let FBAforward’s team of English copywriters enhance your listing for you!

On Amazon, just like any other search engine, it is incredibly important to create engaging, natural, user-friendly listings that are rich in keywords in order to increase your page ranking. For $249 we will write a keyword-optimized listing title, five descriptive bullet points, and a keyword-filled product description!

Note: FBAforward will not create the listing for you in your Seller Central account. FBAforward will provide you with the keyword-optimized copy to create your own listing.

Back End Keyword Creation & Competitor Research



What’s Included

  • Research of competitors and listings similar to your products
  • Based on research, development of 250 highly optimized characters for the keywords section of your listing to help boost rankings

Looking to rank for even more keywords? Did you know that Amazon allows another 250 characters on the back end of your listing? Did you also know that the keywords on the back end shouldn’t be duplicated on the front end of your listing? We will do keyword research on all of the phrases your top competitors rank for. We’ll then take those keywords, making sure not to duplicate any you already have on the front-end, and stuff the back end with brand new keywords for you to rank for! High quality keywords mean more profit!

Note: FBAforward will not input the keywords into the back end of your listing for you. FBAforward will provide you with keyword-optimized copy


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