U.S Inspection

Product and Shipment Inspection

The process of international shipping involves several handlers along the way and the risk for damage to the cargo is unfortunately high.  Damage such as water damage and crushed cartons could lead to the products inside the master cartons being damaged as well.

Product and Shipment Inspection

With shipment inspection, the outer cartons of your shipment will be inspected. FBAforward will identify damaged cartons, incorrect palletization, and over-weight or over-sized cartons. If any issues are detected on the shipment, a notification will be sent to the owner with a correction plan and possible solutions. This service is included with every order
With product inspection, the inspection team opens the cartons and inspect products to identify possible mislabeling, provide quality control, and inform you of damage to the product itself. You will be notified of any detected issues and will be informed of a correction plan. The service is available for an extra fee.

Our Services

FBAforward offers product and shipment inspection at our warehouse. Read more about our services.