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Your Amazon Product Page: Make It or Break It | FBAforward

Your Amazon Product Page: Make It or Break It

FBAforward - How to set up your Amazon product page for success

Your Amazon Product Page: Make It or Break It

You can play around with search engines all you want, pay for advertisement, and attract millions of web surfers, but you will never make a sale unless your Amazon product page appeals to the end user. We’ve seen it over and over again – People who have great products, but do not put enough effort into their page.

This is problematic because your product page is the only thing that customers will see. They won’t see the way your product glistens at night, or hear how wonderful a sound it makes. All they see is that particular product’s page set up identically to every other product’s page on Amazon.

So… Make it special.

When someone buys an everyday item from Amazon, they usually don’t say, “I got it from Johnson and Johnson”, or “I got it from Markers Inc.” They say, “I got it off of Amazon”. Brand names carry less weight when you are buying on Amazon, so if you have a great page, then many consumers don’t mind who it’s from (as long as you don’t have bad reviews). So what differentiates a good page from a bad one?




The title of your product is very important. It explains exactly WHAT the product is. Try to differentiate with better keywords than identical products. Not drastically, but functionally. If most product pages use keywords like “Bluetooth Headphones,” instead post detailed keywords like, “Wireless Bluetooth Headphones” or “No-Cords Bluetooth Headphones.”

Do not spam with sales info, as no product description is more unclear than a whole bunch of numbers thrown around. Explain what the product is and if it is branded in a series, state the brand and model type.

Don’t make the title too short. Add keywords you know people are searching for without spamming. One good way to see good examples of titles is to check the best seller lists. For your specific category, see what’s working and what’s not.

Product Photos

Your product photos are the first thing that customers see. About 5-6 professional images are usually recommended.

Pricing and Promotions

When it comes to the buying world people love deals. When ex-JC Penny CEO, Ron Johnson, decided to switch from promotional pricing to everyday low pricing, the company’s shares declined 51%. JCPenny regulars loved the illusion of the “deals” they used to get, regardless of if they were actually saving money. If your item on Amazon is branded, utilize the “price,” “sale,” and “you save” feature. Make the amount your customers are saving realistically high.

In the Special Offers and Product Promotions section, throw in a special discount or promotion, as once again people love deals.

Product Details

The main selling point, and the most important part of a product page once someone has clicked on the title, is not surprisingly the product detail bullet points – usually right under the “Sold by” details. You make or break the sale with these. It is your pitch to a customer and is where you differentiate your product from those that are similar. Why would someone want to choose your product as opposed to someone else’s? Is it sustainable? Is it easy to grip and clean? Does it offer features that competing products don’t? Portray your product as distinct and interesting.

Lastly, for product description indicate the main points and highlights about the product. Try to veer away from long, chunky paragraph. When users are flipping through page after page they won’t take the time to read it. Use bold headings, underline, and add bullet points.

For a lot of companies that sell other goods, they will throw in phrases about their company’s mission. Try to make the description align with your company’s or product’s goals and values, as well as describe the product. This is also a great place to connect with a buyer.

Finally, be personable. If you are selling kids pool toys don’t be opposed to throw in a friendly phrase like “keeping kids afloat since 2015”. You are selling to people not robots!

Your product page is crucial. Remember you can have the greatest product in the world, but to a customer that has never heard of your product, the page is all they will know. It will be THE deciding factor in the buyer decision making process and it will MAKE OR BREAK your sale.

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