Dates Amazon Sellers Need to Know: September 30 & October 28

Dates Amazon Sellers Need to Know: September 30 & October 28

Do the months of September and October ring any alarm bells in your head? No? Let us explain…. It’s almost Q4, which means it’s almost the holidays.

All products you would like in stock for Black Friday and Cyber Monday need to be shipped by:

  • September 30 for sea freight orders
  • October 28 for air freight orders

Shipping your products by these dates will guarantee that FBAforward will be able to deliver your products to Amazon by November 11. Amazon will then have enough time to check your inventory into the appropriate warehouse(s).

All of this means one thing: Place your orders with FBAforward as soon as possible.

Shipping from China will take longer and shipping costs will increase as the holidays approach, so plan accordingly. Leave enough time for any customs issues that may happen. In addition, be aware that most Amazon sellers will be furiously stocking up their inventory at the exact same time you’ll be stocking up. This means Amazon will be backlogged and your FBA shipments will not be checked in as quickly as you are used to. Don’t stress out just yet. Plan ahead by making sure your FBAforward orders are shipped as soon as possible. If you stick to the shipping dates we have outlined, you will be ahead of the curve and you’ll help safeguard your business against the holiday bumps ahead.

Amazon seller shipping deadlines for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016

New Amazon Sellers

If you are new to selling on FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or new to Amazon in general, you’ll want to pay attention. Most products will see a 3-4x increase in sales from Black Friday through Christmas, but if you sell toys/games or gift items you may sell as much as 10x your normal daily sales!  Make sure to plan ahead for your inventory needs and stock up for several months.

Current FBA Sellers

You know the drill. If you remember anything about the ghosts of Q4s past, you should know to not let procrastination get in the way of your holiday sales. Place your orders with us ASAP and organize your shipments now because Amazon will be INSANE during the next few months. Expect delays and be overly cautious with the time you have left before Black Friday.

Chinese Festival and G20 Summit Will Cause Delays

Always be aware of the holidays that occur in China throughout the year. During Q4, you should be aware of two large holiday periods. The Mid-Autumn Festival is from September 15-17, which is earlier than last year, and the National Day/Golden Week holiday takes place from October 1-7. The majority of the country will shut down, production will come to a halt, and shipping will be delayed during most, if not all, of these days.

The G20 Summit in Hangzhou, China is also occurring next month from September 4-5. To improve air quality, any warehouses within 150 km (or 93 mi) of the summit have been ordered to partially or completely close down. This includes factories in the port cities of Ningbo and Shanghai, which will cause port delays. Many factories have already closed until after the summit.

How to Place an Order

Once you are ready, these simple steps will help you get started:

  1. Register for a customer account
  2. Create an order and pay the deposit*
  3. We take it from there!

* Your deposit will include consulting, prep, and forwarding services. This does not include shipping costs, customs fees, customs duties, or the cost of US freight forwarding to Amazon.

At any time, you can estimate your shipping costs here.

Once you have your order placed, sit back and relax. The holiday rush is almost here, but you’ve got everything under control.


If you’re not sure where to start, check out our pricing page. You can also contact us at [email protected] or +1 (866) 526-3951.




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