Amazon Seller Account Suspension

Amazon Seller Account Suspension

How to Avoid the Avoidable

Last week, Justin Ligeri, the “Amazing Amazon Seller,” got his multi-million Amazon seller account suspended. The reason behind the suspension of his seller account can only be speculated, but the fact that Amazon bestows the power to suspend a seller making millions bi-weekly in a blink of an eye illustrates the uncertainty Amazon sellers experience.

Amazon uses advanced algorithms to track and record all the information associated with Amazon seller accounts and, when noticing suspiciously high ratings, high sales, improper wording or anything that goes against their policy, they will temporarily or permanently suspend the account without warning.

Amazon has been known to suddenly suspend seller accounts with little to no reason. There are, however, some documented reasons why Amazon sellers accounts have been suspended.

Here are some reasons why your seller account could get suspended:

  • Selling counterfeit product
  • Poorly handled customers’ orders, returns and emails
  • Overuse of search engine tags in product description
  • Directing Amazon customers to another website
  • Manipulated ratings, feedback, or reviews
  • Listing a product under the wrong ASIN
  • Violating any of Amazons policies and agreements
  • More than 1% defected products
  • Creating more than one Amazon seller account without permission from Amazon
  • Contacting another seller to discuss product prices or just responding to a seller who has reached out to you

Every case is subjective which makes it is difficult to pinpoint which violations lead to a direct suspension; some accounts receives a strike on their account and suspended after three strikes whereas others have been suspended immediately.

Things to Look Out For:


Product returns caused by damaged packaging or wrong product description: Every product will go through about seven touch points before reaching the customer so it is important that the packaging of your products is secure. If delivered damaged the customer might deem it as a “used product”, if returned by several customers with damaged package or wrong description as reasons you might receive a suspension.

Amazon’s Terms and Conditions

Amazon terms and condition change regularly so make sure to be up to date with their new clauses.  Multiple broken terms and policies will lead to a suspension.

IP Addresses

Amazon keeps a database on banned Amazon sellers, and a simple mistake like accessing your seller account on the same IP address or computer as someone who is banned by Amazon will result in your account getting suspended.

Not Meeting FBA Requirements

Sending shipments that do not meet the FBA requirements to Amazons Fulfillment center: Amazon has a long list of requirements that every incoming shipment must meet, if you send in several shipments that does not meet FBA requirements your Amazon sellers account will be suspended. FBAforward works end-to-end with our customers shipment and we always make sure that the shipment is FBA compliant.

There are several companies offering services to help reinstate your Amazon sellers account through appealing the suspension. Their success rates are unknown but if your multi million dollar Amazon seller account gets suspended investing a few hundred dollars in a reinstating service might be worth it.

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  • Todd Reply

    I actually have a lawsuit pending in Federal Court right now against Justin Ligeri, and his company, Kangaroo Manufacturing. After Justin telling me that he doesn’t compete against his wholesale customers I sent his company around $250k to buy various swimming pool floats.

    Last prime day I watch this account, his account, Swimming Pool Floats, break their own MAP pricing and take the buy box away from every one of his wholesale customers in order to sell off, what I am assuming, was excess inventory, for the purpose of raising cash for his company. He has admitted to me many times that he was hurting for cash, and in fact, has to this day, refused and failed to return to me around $85k in cash that I had wired in to purchase products. After seeing how poorly his items sold I asked for that extra cash back and to this date he has failed to return that money, so I filed suit.

    I have a mountain of documentation, including a complete recording of his lies from a presentation he did in Mexico that persuaded me to purchase from him. His lies are well documented, his lies cost me a lot of money, and he justifies keeping over $85k of my cash with a “no refund” policy that I was never made aware of.

    Again, I could relay many, many instances during my dealings with him where it’s clear he’s an immature child of a businessman with questionable ethics. I am also preparing to send off a mountain of evidence with my complaint to the Justice Department as this was classic wire fraud.

    Justin gets my vote for most likely to end up in prison for fraud. Classic narcissist.

    November 16, 2017 at 4:42 am
    • ED Reply

      Todd, unfortunately, I have experienced the same situation with regard to Justin’s promises, bait & switch tactics, and then refusal to return funds. After paying to attend his conference, but never attending, and waiting to hear when he will offer it again, he now says that his Ranked1Pro company is filing Chapter 7, and that he will return the money I paid to attend the conference only if I give him more money so that he can work some sort of “small product deal” with another of his companies to raise cash for him. More people need to know what they are getting into when they get ensnared in his web. I am investigating how I can file a claim against him. If you need more recent documentation of his practices, please let me know.

      July 5, 2018 at 11:30 am
      • Todd Reply

        Ed, sorry to hear that you too have been victimized by Justin Ligeri.

        I have spoken to several others who indicated they felt victimized by Justin. They indicated that he uses bully tactics and his lawyers to keep most of their activities out of the spot light.

        I would love to hear from you, I am just not sure of the best way to do that.

        July 9, 2018 at 2:49 pm

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