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Amazon Lifts Ban on New FBA Sellers

As of December 19, 2016, the new seller ban on Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) shipments has been lifted. Merchants can now create shipping plans in their Seller Central accounts and ship their products to fulfillment centers (FC). (more…)

Amazon shuts out new FBA sellers

Amazon Q4 Policy Update – FBA Shuts Out New Sellers

Amazon announced this week that they are closing the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program to new sellers until after December 19.  To qualify for Amazon's FBA program during the 2016 Q4 season, it seems that customers needed to have submitted an inbound FBA shipment prior to October 10.  With the changes they have made in the past few months, this policy update makes sense for Amazon.  They are quickly running out of space in their fulfillment centers, and need to [...]

entrepreneur, small business owner, efficiency

Entrepreneurs: 6 Ways to Maximize Efficiency

No matter what business you are running, maximizing efficiency will be key. As an entrepreneur, the outcome of your business will come down to how you spend your time and how effectively you do things. By hiring the right team, doing things right, and strategizing to the best of your abilities, you can make sure that your business ends up thriving. (more…)

Amazon Sellers: How to Prepare for Q4 Success

Mention fourth quarter to any Amazon seller and it has the potential to bring about feelings of anxiety and apprehension. In reality, you should be incredibly excited about the potential for amazing profits because Q4 is one of the most exhilarating times of the year. If you follow this simple guide, we will help you plan for success with your Amazon sales through Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond. (more…)

Introducing New Services and Order Form

On Friday, we launched a new version of our order form, including new service offerings.  We’ve been hard at work over the past few months building a great team that can help with every aspect of your Amazon business. Here is an in-depth look at a few of our new services: (more…)

Hanjin Shipping Bankrupt - Photo Courtesy of: Frans Berkelaar

Hanjin Shipping Declares Bankruptcy

Last week Hanjin Shipping Line, the 7th largest container shipper in the world, declared bankruptcy.  This news shocked the entire logistics industry, and has caused some major disruptions to all parts of the supply chain.  While the future is uncertain for Hanjin’s proceedings, here are some common questions and answers we have as of now: (more…)

FBAforward - How to set up your Amazon product page for success

Your Amazon Product Page: Make It or Break It

You can play around with search engines all you want, pay for advertisement, and attract millions of web surfers, but you will never make a sale unless your Amazon product page appeals to the end user. We’ve seen it over and over again - People who have great products, but do not put enough effort into their page. (more…)

FBAforward Blog - Canton Fair, China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou China (Credit: tarotastic)

Prepare for the Canton Fair

If you are planning on attending the Canton Fair, it is a good idea to strategize well in advance. Traveling to mainland China requires patience and a lot of planning. One thing you can’t do is wing it. The best way to take on the Canton Fair is to know what is needed and book everything as far beforehand as possible. If you don’t know what the Canton Fair is or are unsure of whether you should go, check out [...]

The Canton Fair

What is the Canton Fair? The Canton Fair, or the China Import and Export Fair, is one of the world’s largest trade shows and serves as a venue where businesses can directly find and meet with prospective suppliers for their products. When the Canton Fair comes to Guangzhou, China twice every year, hotel prices rise, the streets are more crowded, and some of China’s leading manufacturers come to town. (more…)

What to know before starting your FBA business, girl holding boxes to send to Amazon

3 Things to Know Before Starting Your FBA Business

What does "FBA" mean? Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) might as well mean "send your product to Amazon." When using Amazon's FBA services, you send your products to an Amazon fulfillment center and once received, they will add it to their inventory. Once a customer places an order, Amazon will package it, send it to the customer, and send you the revenue once every two weeks. If the customer has any questions, or concerns during almost any part of the process, [...]

How to Get an EIN

How to Get an EIN from Outside the U.S.

We’ve received a lot of questions from our non-U.S. customers lately about how to go about obtaining an EIN (employer identification number) if you are not a U.S. citizen and are outside the U.S. There are a few services out there that will do this for you, but at insane prices! We’ve broken this down for everyone as the process can be a little sticky at best, and a nightmare at worst! (more…)

FBAforward - Busy shipping port with containers

A Guide Through Sea Freight Shipping

Most of our customers decide to ship their products via sea freight because it is cheaper than air freight or air express. However, the process of shipping via sea freight can be complicated and confusing if you are not familiar with the process of importing from China. It takes the longest (2-4 weeks port to port) and it involves many steps that require detailed attention. Here are the different steps you have to go through when shipping via sea [...]