Amazon Account: Setting Up User Permissions

Amazon Account: Setting Up User Permissions

Why do you need access to my Seller Central account?

We require Seller Central account access to all of our clients’ accounts, on every order. By providing limited access to FBAforward, you allow us to create FNSKU labels, schedule LTL bookings, and/or create UPS and FedEx shipping labels on your behalf. To do this, you will set up FBAforward with limited access to your Seller Central account. Access is extremely important because it will expedite the processing of your order once it arrives at our warehouse, allowing for the fastest possible prep and forwarding times.

It is a one-time required setup fee of $50. This service is included in our Turnkey service and is not required for customers who have already paid the one-time fee. You can note whether or not you have already paid for this service in the order form at checkout.

How much access will you have to my Seller Central account?

You will provide us with limited access to your account, including the inventory and order sections. This will provide us with just enough access to be able to perform necessary services for you.

You have full control over user access to your account, so you can manage the settings at any time.

How do I set up account permissions for FBAforward?

Set up FBAforward as an authorized Amazon account manager before your shipment arrives at our warehouse.

  1. Log into your Seller Central account. On the Settings menu, click User Permissions.
    • Under Name, enter “FBAforward” and under Email, enter “[email protected]”.
    • This will send an email to FBAforward – We will accept the invitation.
  2. Once accepted, you will receive an email with a link to edit the user permissions (or they can be found at Settings, click User Permissions).
    • Next to FBAforward, click Manage Permissions.
    • Select View and Edit permissions for the Inventory and Orders sections.
    • Press Continue to save settings.
  3. Please make sure your product listing is created as well.

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