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Tips for Holiday Sales Success | FBAforward

Tips for Holiday Sales Success

Tips for Holiday Sales Success

Amazon sales are always expected to rise during the fourth quarter, which is a great opportunity for Amazon sellers to increase their revenue. Last year, Amazon sales increased by 22% during the fourth quarter and they are expected to do the same during Q4 of 2017.

Source Potentially Popular Products

Follow and track sales trends online. This could provide good ideas for products that will boost your sales during Q4. Look out for trends and source relevant products such as blockbuster children’s movies, teams in this year’s World Series, new technology, and designer trends. Sales increase in several categories during fourth quarter and sourcing products in categories other than toys and games can prove equally important.

Stock Up

Make sure you have enough inventory to manage the increased sales during Q4. Utilize tools to predict your product sales in order to estimate the quantity of inventory needed. There’s nothing worse than spending all your would-be profits on an expensive air express shipment because you are running out of inventory.

Amazon Peak Months are November to January

The sales peak begins in November and lasts until January, so make sure you have enough inventory to last you throughout January.

Plan – Get Your Shipment Scheduled Early

Peak shipping season is already here and National Retail Federation is predicting retailers to “import some of the largest volumes of merchandise ever” this year. But don’t worry, there is still time!

Consider the longer transit time during this season, longer Amazon handling time and any unforeseen forces that could delay your inventory. Schedule several shipments of your best-selling products throughout the season to avoid selling out.

Competitive Pricing

Don’t lose customers during the fourth quarter; research your competitor’s product pricing and ensure that you are on the right level to compete. Use Amazon Price tracking sites that analyze and track product pricing on Amazon.

Consider meeting Amazon’s free shipping limit for your products. Amazon recently decreased the minimum price to qualify for fee shipment from 35$ to $25. If you have a product priced below, but close to, $25 it could be beneficial to increase the price to qualify your customers for free shipment. If you are selling two products that can be bundled together you could price them at 12.50 to encourage the bundling and free shipping.

Holiday Toy and Games Guidelines

Toys and games sell in huge amount during the fourth quarter, however, if you are planning on selling these products you should make sure you meet Amazon guidelines. Guidelines that demands Amazon sellers having had previous sales on Amazon and have been an active seller September through October, along with other requirements see here. Make sure that you are eligible to sell these items on Amazon before you order your inventory.

Be Prepared for Returns

An increase in sales also leads to an increase in returns, people will often return unwanted Christmas gifts and purchase what they really wanted. Make sure you are ready to handle an increase in returns and turn around the products quickly.

Keep an Eye on Feedback

Good reviews server as a great sales strategy but keep an eye out for multiple bad reviews.  If you receive bad reviews there are solutions to get them removed; reach out to the customers and apologize for the inconvenience and offer compensation, eight out of ten times they will remove their review.

Take Care of Yourself

The fourth quarter is a make it or break it season and it will require a lot of work. Make sure you have stocked up on necessary resources at home to avoid interruptions. You might even consider hiring someone to handle tedious tasks around your house during this period.

Finally, don’t forget to take breaks for yourself and to spend time with your family. Your business is important, but you won’t get these fleeting holiday moments back with your family when they’re gone!

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